Bottom Feeders

One Last Shot At Mediocrity


BOTTOM FEEDERS John and Steve have few redeemable qualities. They want to life lives of desperate leisure and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s hard work. Only the opposite sex has a chance to make them want to change. Nichole was John’s high school sweetheart. She is back in town for one last class at the university. When they run into each other at school, John makes it his mission to get her back. Meanwhile, when Cindy applies for a job at the movie theater, Steve decides she will be his next conquest. But pretty soon the line is blurred between who is conquering whom. Add in an eccentric sociology professor and a mixed bag full of inappropriate situations and you have Bottom Feeders.

Meet The Cast

Paolo brings a nonchalant energy to the “John” character. He has all the energy to be the lead and just enough of the nuance and naivete that really makes his character the guy you really want to root for. An Experienced actor, he is able to guide the scene while appearing to follow others. Paulo lives in Buffalo, NY.
Alex is a diamond in the rough. We’re happy to have him play the role of “Steve” – the plucky inappropriate man-whore sidekick. Mainly because he’s so believable you’d never guess that’s not his real persona. It is also the role which allows a lot of improvisation, which Alex masters in Bottom Feeders.
Nicole graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in theater. Nicole set her sights on the web. She is the co-founder of Talking Back Pictures and an award winning Producer and actor. When she’s not listing off her accolades, Nicole enjoys creating homemade cards, attempting to cook, and bingeing The Office for the 8th or 9th time.
Delivering the sexy and innocent but soon to be devilish “Cindy” is worlds apart from who Melodie really is, which is why this was such a perfect role for her. Although seemingly understated, all eyes make their way to hers when she is on screen. Melodie has a respectable resume of indie films and modeling portfolios.
Sky Sands is a standup comedian and magician and has toured the world making audiences laugh and gasp for more than 30 years. Making his start in radio and venturing into TV and film, Sky brings the perfect combination of improvisation and oddity to a genuinely odd role.
Jeremy London’s storied career is best known for television roles on I’ll Fly Away and Party of Five and films like Mallrats. He has taken his acting prowess to the classroom by opening his own acting school in Mississippi, where he lives. He is constantly working in indie films and brings his unique talents to the tongue in cheek role of “Uncle Zeke”.
Stephanie Harlowe is an accomplished actress and YouTube sensation with her smash-hit True Crime channel. Stephanie brings a quick wit and gorgeous smile to the trashy but loveable role of “Aunt Shelly”.
Austin Scott is an accmplished stage actor and comedian. His flippant style and casual understated humor was what this film needed for the role of “Frank”. Frank is a very smart and sarcastic character who delivers the goods, vaudevillian style… much like Austin himself.
Willis is an accomplished stage actor and avid gamer, which makes him perfect for the role of the snarky, laid back Bob. Bob is the Yin, to Frank’s Yang… that’s what she said!