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  • Bottom Feeders

    BOTTOM FEEDERS is an independent feature film that follows two twenty-somethings, John and Steve, through their unremarkable and irreverent lives. They are desperately trying to hold onto their carefree college life until their plans are …

  • Aftermath (A Zombie Apocalypse Choose Your Own Adventure)

    A webseries with a unique take on the very popular zombie apocalypse genre in which you, the audience, get to make key decisions about the story as it unfolds. Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn …

  • Anonymous

    Alex wanders through life unknown and invisible to all but his family and closest friends.  He finds this a painful existence until one day when being anonymous is exactly what he needs. (In Pre-Production)

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    Past, current, and upcoming projects at Loose Screw Productions. Enjoy!

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